I have been fortunate to work with a great team designing and building landscapes.
Tom Tromblee of Tree-O Landscape and I have collaborated since 1988. He is a fully licensed landscape contractor, knowledgeable with rainwater catchment and storage, pavers, irrigation , drainage, grading, soil prep and all phases of landscape installation. Together with his experienced crew we make a complete design build team.

For  the Arbors and Chicken Coop in  the Urban Homestead Garden
John Cunniff is a master builder and licensed contractor with a great attention to detail and love of chickens.

For the Arbors and Portico on Rider Ridge
Chuck Pyle mills his own wood and creates classic joinery from forest to finial.

Garden Art  Peter is a stone sculptor and mason. We have worked together on several projects and I appreciate his thoughtful use of materials and vision.  Although he usually works in stone , he created all the concrete elements in the Modern Garden including fountain, fire table and dining island.
On his website we collaborated on the Albrect and Bolwell Landscapes.

P.A.N. Pesticide Action Network North America.  This organization was started over 25 years ago to educate the public about the use and effects of pesticides. They are a great educational resource.

California Native Plant Society  Advocates for the conservation, propagation, and use of the incredibly diverse California Flora. Did you know there are more plants native to California than all other U.S. states combined?

Xerces Society  Providing a wealth of information on invertebrate conservation and insect pollinators .

UCSC Arboretum  The UCSC Arboretum has  a large collection of  California flora  and Mediterranean plants that thrive in our climate. Well worth a visit.
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